Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries 
High rate discharge designs 
Conventional wet or sealed low maintenance cells 
Small PC to mainframe computer backup size

Communications Rectifier Systems
Single and Three Phase 
100 Ampere to 4000 Ampere 
Modular and Scalable

Battery Monitoring Option 
Site Monitoring Option

Standby Batteries for Switchgear and Control

Lead antimony and lead calcium 
Conventional wet or sealed low maintenance cells

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Communications Batteries 
Lead antimony or lead calcium 
Conventional wet or sealed low-maintenance cells 
Central office, remote, cellular, and microwave sizes

Switchgear and Control Rectifiers 
Ferroresonant Designs 
S C R Designs 
Single and Three Phase
6 Ampere to 250 Ampere

​Battery Monitoring Equipment

Ferroresonant Types 
High Frequency Types 
Modular Designs

Batteries  /  Rectifiers  /  UPS  /  Inverters /  Chargers

Standby Power

​Power Distribution Equipment
24 VDC...50 Ampere to 2000 Ampere 
48 VDC...21.5 Ampere to 4000 Ampere 
Circuit breaker and fuse panels
Low voltage disconnect equipment
Remote metering and alarm panels