Communications Batteries 
Lead antimony or lead calcium 
Conventional wet or sealed low-maintenance cells 
Central office, remote, cellular, and microwave sizes

Standby Power

Switchgear and Control Rectifiers 
Ferroresonant Designs 
S C R Designs 
Single and Three Phase
6 Ampere to 250 Ampere

Communications Rectifier Systems
Single and Three Phase 
100 Ampere to 4000 Ampere 
Modular and Scalable

Battery Monitoring Option 
Site Monitoring Option

​Power Distribution Equipment
24 VDC...50 Ampere to 2000 Ampere 
48 VDC...21.5 Ampere to 4000 Ampere 
Circuit breaker and fuse panels
Low voltage disconnect equipment
Remote metering and alarm panels

​Battery Monitoring Equipment

Ferroresonant Types 
High Frequency Types 
Modular Designs

Standby Batteries for Switchgear and Control

Lead antimony and lead calcium 
Conventional wet or sealed low maintenance cells

Batteries  /  Rectifiers  /  UPS  /  Inverters /  Chargers

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries 
High rate discharge designs 
Conventional wet or sealed low maintenance cells 
Small PC to mainframe computer backup size

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